Hi I’m Meredith. I am a co-founder of fashion juggernaut Print All Over Me and of Kokowa, a platform for self-publishing virtual reality and 3D worlds, 13Bit Productions an independent production company, and the Botmatrix, a robotic hacktivism group.

As a researcher, I am interested in the phenomenological experience of technological innovation as it expresses itself in film, interactive design, and poetry, as well as technology as a cultural object. I an interested in building tools to carry out research, and to situating the findings within the larger body of philosophical literature. In particular I am interested in the metaphysics and aesthetics of machine learning and AI, the economic and ethical implications of robotics, blockchain, and IoT, and the ontology of complexity theory.

As a technologist and entrepreneur, I have worked at the intersection of economics, technology, and culture for over a decade. I currently advise and consult on a number of blockchain and IOT initiatives in the arts, food supply chain, and finance.  I love talking tech and teaching workshops around NYC and hanging out at hacker spaces.  Feel free to  contact me via this blog, or meredith at paom dot com.